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The Network Infrastructure is your most vulnerable spot.
We are here to keep it safe.


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The Challenge

Lack of visibility into the core network expands your attack surface
Perimeter security are incomplete, leaving your infrastructure vulnerable
Manual response to security incidents is too late

Introducing the first adaptive Infrastructure Security Management solution

Know, visualize and control which devices are connected to your network and mitigate potential risks with minimal operational effort


Agentless scans that create a complete real-time map of your network topology and an inventory of all connected devices


Ensures strong segmentation and continuously detects vulnerabilities and possible attack vectors within your core network


Automates incident response and remediation to shrink the exposure time to threats and reduce the workload on your staff

  • Mathias Espeloer Director IT
    Heuking Kühn Lüer WojtekHeuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek

    SCUDOS is intuitive, fast and user friendly. With this convincing solution concept, we are now in a position to adequately protect our network infrastructure.

How do our customers use SCUDOS?

Our solutions help organizations of any size to solve their critical security needs.

The SCUDOS platform combines network access control with device inventory, risk assessment and incident response orchestration, transforming traditional IT infrastructures into transparent, highly secured, insight-driven Networks.

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