Joachim Holder
Founder and managing Director

As a mechanical and industrial engineer, Joachim Holder brings with him a wide range of management experience. As an assistant in an industrial group, he gained a wide range of experience in the technical and commercial field at an early stage, which he can apply and expand during a foreign assignment to Spain.
As a young engineer in Formula 1, he learns to combine speed and reliability and that it is not one race that decides, but the results over the entire season. The team (Arrows) achieved the best placing in its history.

He gained further international experience while building up the OEM business for an automotive supplier in France and Italy. Sales remains his metier, with sales responsibility in IT groups also in the IT genre.
He gained his first entrepreneurial experience by founding a limited liability company in the field of energy efficiency and energy culture. The digitalization of buildings and processes is becoming increasingly important and is developing into a core business.
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Management team

  • Udo Kalinna
    Founder and managing Director
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