The SCUDOS Platform

Introducing the first adaptive Infrastructure Security Management solution

A Holistic Approach to Network Infrastructure Security

Know, visualize and control which devices are connected to your network and identify potential risks, with minimal operational effort.
By incorporating agentless mapping and fingerprinting techniques with access control policies and network segmentation mechanisms, the solution allows organizations to increase security and simplify operations within their core network. Unauthorized devices are prevented from accessing sensitive network segments and potential malicious intruders are blocked. In case of an incident, the SCUDOS orchestration module can automatically contain compromised hosts before a human becomes involved in the process.

How It Works


Create a complete view of your network and connected devices

  • Agentless Fingerprinting
    SCUDOS uses agentless fingerprinting techniques to identify all connected devices. This includes information such as device manufacturer, operating system, open ports and services, associated VLANs, IP addresses, host names, and MAC address.
  • Topology Mapping

    A highly efficient algorithm for mapping our network topology. The process provides an interactive and intuitive graphical representation of the network topology in both real-time and historical form.

  • Vulnerability Scanning

    In order to detect vulnerabilities in the network environment and thus continuously monitor all connected devices for open ports and other violations, the SCUDOS platform includes an integrated network vulnerability scanner.


Prevent unauthorized access to your network infrastructure

  • Access Control
    SCUDOS creates and manages a repository of trusted devices. This is done either by automatically retrieving inventory system information from third parties or by the administrator adding it. Any unknown device triggers an alert and can be quarantined or blocked depending on the defined policy.
  • VLAN Enforcement

    Instead of blocking a device based only on its MAC address, SCUDOS interacts directly with the active network components. This ensures a strong network segmentation, which cannot be bypassed even by professional malware. The solution includes integrated connectors for components of leading infrastructure providers and thus supports heterogeneous network environments.

  • Layer-2 IPS

    Supported by a detailed set of rules, SCUDOS protects the network from layer 2 attacks in terms of spoofing and flooding techniques. This is done by correlating data from ARP caches, CAM tables, SMB / CIFS sessions, port scans, inventory systems and more.


Respond in milliseconds to security incidents and networking issues


    SCUDOS’ APIs allow you to immediately contain a threat in your network before a human becomes involved in the process. The solution can be integrated with the most common security tools, so once a compromise is detected, SCUDOS will automatically take pre-defined remediation actions.

  • IT Management

    The management tasks for the core network are made easier by simple operability and transparency. SCUDOS translates manufacturer-specific attributes into a homogeneous and graphical management control. For this no network knowledge is necessary. Critical IT management tasks such as setting up network switches, rolling out devices and updating security policies can be easily performed.

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