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About Allgeier IT


Allgeier IT Solutions GmbH strengthens its business segment: IT security specialists from SCUDOS Systems GmbH form new business unit

Bremen, June 2020 – Allgeier IT Solutions GmbH is adding a new business unit to its portfolio of network security solutions with the acquisition of Dortmund-based SCUDOS Systems GmbH.

With Udo Kalinna, SCUDOS founder and managing director, the expert team of Allgeier IT grows by a significant member, which generally generates enthusiasm. “Udo Kalinna is a true specialist in the field of network security and, with SCUDOS Systems GmbH, a great asset to the Allgeier Group,” says Hubert Rohrer, Managing Director of Allgeier IT and member of the Management Board of Allgeier SE.

The industry “IT” can be found in almost all career stages of Udo Kalinna. In 2013, he founded IFASEC GmbH – an institute for application security. IFASEC focused primarily on vulnerability analysis for mobile and web-based applications. Udo Kalinna recognized a need to catch up, especially in the area of network infrastructure security, and took on the further development of the IT security software SCUDOS. This resulted in the independent company, SCUDOS Systems GmbH. Udo Kalinna holds three patents in IT security and is regarded as a valued consultant for federal and state authorities as well as global companies.

SCUDOS Systems GmbH is dedicated to the detection and elimination of security vulnerabilities of corporate network infrastructures. In doing so, SCUDOS experts count primarily on applications for the automatic detection of potential threats to systems. Specifically, by integrating agentless mapping and fingerprinting techniques, SCUDOS software enables organizations to enhance security, minimize data loss and simplify operations within their core network.

This is done through access control policies and network segmentation mechanisms, as well as documentation of existing network infrastructure and periodic automated vulnerability assessments. This prevents unauthorized devices from accessing sensitive network segments and blocks potential malicious intruders.

This expansion of Allgeier’s portfolio in the field of IT security brings companies an independent IT service provider that, thanks to its close ties within the Allgeier Group, can provide customers with a powerful and wide-ranging security offering. In addition to its own components, the company is independent and partner-oriented in many network security application areas.

“I am excited about the expanded opportunities to pursue and develop my visions of fully comprehensive network security in the strong environment of the Allgeier Group in the future,” says Udo Kalinna. “We have a strong future ahead of us.”

About Allgeier IT

As an internationally active and successful group, security and network security are essential for us in the strategic expansion of the digital environment of companies. No company can afford security gaps, because the consequences threaten their existence in the worst case.

Companies – regardless of the industry in which they operate – must position themselves for the future in the area of IT security. Not least because of strict data protection regulations.

The parent company, Allgeier SE, headquartered in Munich, is one of the leading consulting and service companies in the German-speaking region. Through this alliance, Allgeier offers you a wide range of services and specialist expertise. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allgeier Enterprise Services AG.

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