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Automated Threat Response

Immediately Contain a Threat
in Case of a 3
rd Party Security Alert

The Challenge

Security Incident Response needs automation. According to Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, once a device is compromised, sensitive data is most likely to exfiltrate, get erased or encrypted within the first 12 hours! Obviously, this leaves very little, if any, time for the security team to react. Out of the thousands of alerts generated every day, the analysts need to review the prioritized incident, locate the compromised host, and then disconnect it from the network before damage is done. Considering the lack of staff to manually respond to incidents, organizations are unable to effectively respond without automating their security processes.

The Solution

SCUDOS reduces the workload of your staff and maximizes the value of your existing security tools by transforming them from alarms-generators into truly proactive security measures. Once a security alert is triggered by a suspicious device, SCUDOS will automatically take pre-defined remediation actions. It can disconnect the device from its network port or, instead, move the device off the production network and into a quarantine zone until the security team is able to validate the infection. Unaffected devices in the same local network will continue to access network resources in uninterrupted fashion.


Minimize the Impact of Incidents
Turn slow and manual response into an automated threat mitigation process to ensure compromised devices are immediately contained before further damage is done.
Deliver Immediate Results
Rapid deployment with an agentless, vendor agnostic solution powered by lightspeed network mapping technology.
Enable Bullet-Proof Prevention
Rather than backlisting an IP, SCUDOS interacts directly with the network Switch (i.e. Layer 2), to ensure it cannot be bypassed by advanced malware.
Reduce IT Staff Workload
Automate incident response tasks to maintain a cost-effective security process and improve efficiency.

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