Device Discovery - SCUDOS

Device Discovery

See Every Device, What It Is, Who It Belongs To and Where It Is Connected

The Challenge

The variety and number of unmanaged devices connected to an organization’s network is rapidly growing. New IT initiatives such as IoT medical devices, POC systems, industrial sensors and BYoD bring new possibilities for organizations but they also introduce new vulnerabilities and therefore expand the attack surface of your network. Gartner estimates that by 2020, a third of all successful cyberattacks will be on shadow IT resources. Simply put, these advanced technologies cannot be protected using traditional security measures. This means many more unprotected devices that are connected to your network. How can you make sure your network stays safe?

The Solution

SCUDOS’ agentless mapping technology allows you to see exactly how your network infrastructure is configured and who is connected to it. The solution interacts with your networking devices and continuously monitors changes in your infrastructure. It then allows a highly interactive and intuitive graphical representation of all connected devices in the network in real-time as well as in the past. In addition to the built-in integration with your legacy networking equipment, SCUDOS enables the necessary agility and flexibility to support modern infrastructures and the IoT era and can provide connectors to communicate and interact with any type of device in the network.


Detect Rouge Devices
Correlate your device repositories with an active device list to quickly identify unknown connections to your network.
Monitor Remote Locations
Accurately present what and where each device is connected, based on data collected from your networking devices.
Map your Network Topology
Construct a dynamic and interactive map of your network using SCUDOS advanced mapping algorithms.
Gain IoT Visibility
Eliminate security concerns for IoT adoption by enabling visibility and control using the SCUDOS platform APIs.