Network Access Control - SCUDOS

Network Access Control

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Network

The Challenge

The network infrastructure is responsible for the most essential services of your business. However, it is also your most vulnerable spot. IT security investments are still heavily focused on protecting the traditional perimeter, while today’s threats easily bypass Layer 3 security solutions, leaving your internal network exposed. Most organizations do not have the tools to enforce policies and to protect devices within the internal network. Reckless users can easily misuse direct access to your network by connecting unmanaged devices to network sockets and Wi-Fi access points. This can be leveraged by attackers to gain unauthorized access to your network infrastructure.

The Solution

SCUDOS delivers a holistic approach for your network infrastructure security that allows you to see and control which devices can connect to your network and immediately react to potential threats. The solution maps all active devices in the network and correlates this information with your existing inventory systems and device repositories. Any suspicious connection will trigger a response according to the policy defined in SCUDOS, whether creating an alert, emailing a notification, quarantine or completely blocking the device in question from accessing the network.


Fast and Non-Intrusive Setup
Agentless fingerprinting to be matched against a managed repository of trusted devices. Delivers immediate results.
Detects Layer-2 Threats
SCUDOS includes a Layer-2 IPS module which monitors the network to prevent threats such as spoofing and flooding attack vectors.
Defining a Granular Policy
SCUDOS allows you to configure a set of automated actions in case of a security issue, from email notifications to blocking the port and quarantine the device.
Get Real-Time Alerts
Checks the network for irregularities and undesired connections to rapidly detect and solve networking issues.