Network Segmentation - SCUDOS

Network Segmentation

Plan, Manage and Implement Network Segmentation with Ease

The Challenge

It is clear today that no one is immune to security breaches. Therefore, the assumption that everything on the inside of an organization’s network can be trusted is outdated. As perimeter-centric security strategies are no longer effective, ensuring proper network segmentation is more important today than ever before. Yet, implementing networks with protected zones is incredibly difficult and time consuming. The IT security teams are first required to map the network topology and all connected devices, in often highly complex environments. Second, network infrastructure vendors may vary in the management tools they support. Moreover, today’s networks are changing rapidly, and segmentation is an ongoing process which requires careful attention. Improper implementation can disturb connectivity, not to mention the possibility of network downtime.

The Solution

SCUDOS allows you to create logical segments of your network for different business needs, such as creating a Production VLAN (Virtual Logical Area Network), Finance VLAN, and a Human Resources VLAN. Such isolation allows devices to access only the resources they need and thus prevents any unauthorized access between groups. SCUDOS leverages its agentless scanning to deliver security architects with a complete view of the network, thus, allowing for a better planning process. The solution interacts directly with any switch vendor, providing a centralized console to ensure an effective segmentation process for the modern enterprise. By implementing networks with protected zones, your network can protect itself against attackers’ lateral movements, limiting the effects of a security breach.


Vendor Agnostic Solution
SCUDOS offers built-in connectors with leading switch manufacturers, thus supporting mixed infrastructure environments.
Simplified IT Planning
By combining network topology mapping with device fingerprinting, SCUDOS provides a single pane of glass to plan and asses the segmentation policy.
Shrink Network Attack Surface
Block attackers’ lateral movements within the network in order to minimize the impact of incidents.
Protect Your Sensitive Data
Block internal threats from accessing core services and stealing intellectual property.