Network Visualization - SCUDOS

Network Visualization

Topological representation of the entire network environment

The Challange

Due to the constantly growing and dynamic networks, it is difficult for IT managers to gain a comprehensive overview of the entire network infrastructure. Manually created network plans are often already outdated on the day they are completed. If there is no overview of all devices in the network, it is not possible to react in time to foreign or unauthorized devices. Since a fast reaction is of great importance in case of an attack, the IT security team should have access to an up-to-date overview of the network at any time.

The Solution

SCUDOS provides a topological view of the entire network environment, giving IT managers and administrators a real-time overview of the entire infrastructure. Thus each device belonging to the network is displayed and foreign devices can be identified immediately. By the automated initiation of a predefined countermeasure, the administration effort is also significantly minimized and the attack on the network can be fended off.


Schedule your scans

With SCUDOS, you can automate network vulnerability scans daily, weekly, or at user-defined intervals, significantly reducing the administrative burden of manual processes.

Detect devices automatically

Instead of providing the scanner with a list of known devices, SCUDOS automatically detects all devices connected to your network to immediately scan them.

Lower audit costs

SCUDOS continuously scans connected devices for known security vulnerabilities to provide both on-site and remote teams with a clear picture of the security situation in the network.

Administration via a central console

SCUDOS provides an intuitive management interface for your entire network inventory, allowing even employees without specialized IT skills to perform network vulnerability scans and review reports.

How is SCUDOS used by our customers?

Our solution helps companies of all sizes meet their critical security requirements. The SCUDOS platform combines network access control with device inventory, risk assessment with security incident orchestration, transforming traditional networks into transparent, highly secure and manageable IT infrastructures.