Smart Reporting - SCUDOS

Smart Reporting

Automated and detailed reporting

The Challenge

In the case of a manual check of the attack attempts, it is difficult, and above all involves a lot of effort, to create a clear report for a certain period of time. However, such a summary is helpful, if not necessary, to check which areas are of particular interest to attackers and what countermeasures the organization should take in the future.

The Solution

SCUDOS generates such a report automatically and thus informs about the threat situation within a defined period of time. For example, the IT security team can display where most attacks came from, which areas were attacked and which operating systems were used on these end devices. This detailed information allows the countermeasure guidelines to be adjusted or redefined accordingly.


Plan your scans

With SCUDOS, you can automate network vulnerability scans daily, weekly, or at user-defined intervals, significantly reducing the administrative burden of manual processes.

Detect devices automatically

Instead of providing the scanner with a list of known devices, SCUDOS automatically detects all devices connected to your network to immediately scan them.

Lower audit costs

SCUDOS continuously scans connected devices for known security vulnerabilities to provide both on-site and remote teams with a clear picture of the security situation in the network.

Administration via a central console

SCUDOS provides an intuitive management interface for your entire network inventory, allowing even employees without specialized IT skills to perform network vulnerability scans and review reports.

How is SCUDOS used by our customers?

Our solution helps companies of all sizes meet their critical security requirements. The SCUDOS platform combines network access control with device inventory, risk assessment with security incident orchestration, transforming traditional networks into transparent, highly secure and manageable IT infrastructures.