Vulnerability Scanning - SCUDOS

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

A 24/7 Scanning Process for Vulnerabilities and Required Patches

The Challenge

In this constantly changing threat and IT landscape, how can you ensure your assets are not vulnerable? To stay ahead of attackers, your team often performs network vulnerability scans in an attempt to map all connected devices and discover existing vulnerabilities as early as possible. But manual scans of known devices are challenged with the variety and dynamic nature of today’s networks. IT infrastructures face constant change with new technologies, wireless and virtual systems as well as remote locations. Deploying, configuring and performing vulnerability scans in your environment can be difficult and time-consuming, and these most likely are not performed as often as you wish they were.

The Solution

SCUDOS helps you detect and remediate the vulnerabilities in your environment with an automated, systematic and simple approach. By combining device discovery with a network vulnerability scanner, your security team can save time and effort, while gaining immediate visibility into possible attack vectors within the network environment. SCUDOS makes it simple to schedule periodic scans, as well as perform on demand assessments of newly discovered devices in the network, and all this from a single pane of glass.


Schedule Your Scans
SCUDOS enables you to automate network vulnerability scans with daily, weekly or custom schedules, reducing the management overhead involved in manual processes.
Automatically Discover Devices
Rather than feeding a scanner with a list of known devices, SCUDOS automatically detects any devices connected to your network to immediately launch a scan.
Lower Security Audits Costs
SCUDOS continuously scans connected devices for known vulnerabilities, providing both local or remote teams with a clear picture of the network security state.
Manage via a Centralized Console
An intuitive management interface for your network inventory, allowing non-specialized IT staff to perform network vulnerability scans and review reports.

How Do Our Customers Use SCUDOS?

Our solutions help organizations of any size to solve their critical security needs. The SCUDOS platform combines network access control with device inventory, risk assessment and incident response orchestration, transforming traditional IT infrastructures into transparent, highly secured, insight-driven networks.