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Who We Are

About SCUDOS Systems GmbH

Our Mission

"We want to establish ourselves as a German and European company in order to make IT networks transparent, secure and easier to manage. Our customers can rely on the fact that there are no backdoors in our software."
SCUDOS provides a holistic approach to network infrastructure security to protect organizations from internal threats and minimize the network attack surface. Over the years, we have learned that network infrastructures are constantly changing. Without the right tools to automate these tasks, it is impossible for IT and security teams to adequately address new potential threats in their systems. Therefore, our pragmatic approach is based on a close relationship between SCUDOS' highly skilled development team and our dedicated customers. Our products are the result of ongoing studies of real-world scenarios, years of experience with penetration testing and analysis of security risks for network infrastructures for many companies in Germany. We strive to provide IT and security teams with highly efficient tools to maintain control of their network and mitigate risks before attackers can exploit them.


About SCUDOS Systems GmbH

With the foundation of SCUDOS Systems GmbH, the IT security software "SCUDOS", developed by IFASEC GmbH, was integrated into an independent company in Dortmund.
The entire experience from hundreds of companies to evaluate their network security and make it more secure with end-to-end solutions has been incorporated into the development of the SCUDOS software. With this innovative and mature software, our customers already manage more than 100,000 devices.
SCUDOS Systems benefits from the legacy of IFASEC GmbH, which is a pioneer in the field of network security and a member of numerous associations such as TeleTrust and BITKOM (Working Group for Information Technology Security).


Founder and Management Team

    Engineering and Development Team

    With many years of experience in the field of network infrastructures and IT security, the IFASEC development team ensures continuous product quality. The team consists of highly qualified programmers, most of whom have been on board since the company was founded in 2013. The development team has been successively expanded over the last few years and will be expanded by further experts in the future.


    • Mathias Espeloer Director IT
      Heuking Kühn Lüer WojtekHeuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek

      SCUDOS is intuitive, fast and user friendly. With this convincing solution concept, we are now in a position to adequately protect our network infrastructure.

    • Patrick Andreas Information Security Manager
      Tarox AGTarox AG

      With SCUDOS, we have expanded our security portfolio for our partners. This “Made in Germany” solution greatly improves the security posture of modern and dynamic network infrastructures in times of IoT and digitization.

    • Dirk Waltje CEO
      ACP IT Solutions AGACP IT Solutions AG

      We have brought SCUDOS as a partner on board with its excellent solution for analyzing and designing secure network infrastructures. Customer feedback has shown us – we are on the right track!



    Bitkom (Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e. V.) is the digital association of Germany, founded in 1999 as a merger of individual industry associations in Berlin. Bitkom is a large, powerful network that brings together the best minds and companies in the digital world. It organizes a permanent exchange between specialists and managers and provides its members with platforms for cooperation among themselves and for contact with important customers. IFASEC GmbH. participates in the Security Policy Working Group.


    nrw.uniTS is the organizational heart for all ITS companies in NRW: Our main focus lies above all in the advancement of cooperation. nrw.uniTS organizes, coordinates and expedites contacts, knowledge, projects and also activities that cannot be stemmed by sole traders alone but that are of use for themselves and others. On the one hand, this concerns networking and, on the other hand, it increases the cross sector attentiveness for the topic of IT security. The cooperative work of university and industry guarantees the connection of applied top level research with action-oriented entrepreneurship. With our broad-ranging competencies we create short pathways to potential business partners, develop market places, and support technologies and product innovations.

    Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit

    With the Alliance for Cyber Security, founded in 2012, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is pursuing the goal of achieving greater cyber security in Germany and strengthening its resistance against cyber attacks. More than 2,700 participating companies and institutions are currently members of the alliance.

    IT-service companies as well as IT-manufacturers are equally represented in the network as user companies of all sizes and industries. This diversity is an important guarantee for a rich exchange of IT expertise from which all participants benefit.



    The Deutschland sicher im Netz e.V. , or DsiN, is a non-profit association which promotes online security awareness among consumers and companies in Germany. It was established in 2006 as part of the first national IT summit of the German Federal Government. The Federal Minister of the Interior is patron of the association. DsiN offers comprehensive information in a wide range of themes such as secure online shopping, sensible Internet surfing, secure online payment methods, botnets, and much more.