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Who We Are

Allgeier IT Solutions GmbH

Our Mission

"We want to establish ourselves as a German and European company in order to make IT networks transparent, more secure and better manageable. Our customers can rely on the fact that there are no backdoors in our software".

SCUDOS security software offers a holistic approach to network infrastructure security to protect companies from internal threats and minimize the network attack surface. As network infrastructures are constantly changing, without the right tools for IT and security teams it is impossible to adequately address potential threats in their systems. SCUDOS is the result of ongoing real-world scenario studies, years of experience and network infrastructure security risk analysis. Allgeier IT provides IT and security teams with highly efficient and automated tools to maintain control of their network and mitigate risks.


Business Unit SCUDOS

Allgeier IT Solutions GmbH is growing by a new business unit and is thus expanding its product portfolio with solutions for network security - with the takeover of the Dortmund-based company SCUDOS Systems GmbH.

This extension of the Allgeier portfolio in the field of IT security provides companies with an independent IT service provider, which, due to the close connection within the Allgeier Group, provides clients with a powerful and diversified security offering. In addition to its own components, the company is independent and partner-oriented in many application areas of network security.

Engineering and Development Team

With many years of experience in the field of network infrastructures and IT security, the IFASEC development team ensures continuous product quality. The team consists of highly qualified programmers, most of whom have been on board since the company was founded in 2013. The development team has been successively expanded over the last few years and will be expanded by further experts in the future.


Our Awards & Certifications

  • Mathias Espeloer Director IT
    Heuking Kühn Lüer WojtekHeuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek

    SCUDOS is intuitive, fast and user friendly. With this convincing solution concept, we are now in a position to adequately protect our network infrastructure.